The New York Forest Rally is the newest Rally Event in North America! Based in the Monticello area of New York it will have eight stages and 40 miles of competition. The event has been borne out of an idea and the drive of well-known local team McKenna Motorsport, due to the difficult year in all walks of life many rallies have seen unavoidable cancellations, so the team assembled a group from the area who had the goal to create an event that would be possible to achieve in the current climate and in just a few short days and with the cooperation and assistance of the American Rally Association the planning for the event has gone from zero to a fully formed eight-stage event with some of the best stage conditions imaginable.

Many events have been postponed and cancelled this year, but we have also seen some run very successfully with restrictions in place. On these events that ran, we saw that it is still possible to run a safe rally and enjoying the sport even with necessary restrictions.

This is a new event but it has an experienced group of current competitors planning the route with the assistance of seasoned rally officials and there is a strong motivation to provide an event that is competitor friendly with excellent stages and facilities while still respecting all the necessary procedures our sport must put in place to prevent the risks of COVID.